4-E Learning & Prevention Center, Inc. - Enlarge, Empower, Exercise & Educate For Success!
About Us
The 4-E Center, Inc. is dedicated to serving School-Age Children and Student Athletes.  We challenge the parents and the community to join the 4-E Center, Inc. to help enlarge the vision, empower the mind, exercise the body, and educate ALL students for a successful life.  The 4-E Center offers key services for school age students - AAU - Girls Basketball, Sports Academy, & Students For Change Program.
Our Vision
To be a Center of Excellence in the provision of service to school-age children who are challenged and motivated to achieve success. 
Our Mission
Through advocacy and support of at risk students and families, we will enlarge the vision, empower the mind, exercise the body, and educate for success.
Our Service
The 4-E Center serves students and families in Lee County, Dougherty County and surrounding counties. We are incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We provide academic and prevention services to students who register to participate in any of our programs. The 4-E Center has always served the students who are greatly challenged with behaviors and/or academics in middle and high school as well as after school or summer camps for K-8th grade.  Our new services will focus more on the Student Athlete and Student Scholarship Program.  We will assist students and parents who desire more exposure for being recruited as student athletes at all college levels. We believe that ALL students deserves a healthy experience while gaining a quality education. 

The 4-E Center is Movtivated To Serve!
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